will try 🤐


Time to take the kid to his play …

it's still one of my favourite shows 👍🏻


Good news, everybody! Season 14 of the Ubuntu podcast has been confirmed [popey.com]! Looking forward to hearing everyone again next month 👍🏻

National holiday today. Oh, and I get to spend it watching a bunch of plays put on by the kid's kindergarten.

Fortunately, there's a new camera lens to play with 👍🏻

that's a shame. They made a lot of great music together 😕


the year does seem to be flying by …


Calling it a day. G'night world 😴

Whoops. It's after 1:00am …

Is it stupid of me to include this as a feature in my software?

Zero Trackers. Zero.

I tell clients: "This is a feature; not a bug. If you want trackers, please do it after I've handed you the code."