Opportunity exists where responsibility has been abdicated.
— Jordan Peterson

Every time I think of this rule I wonder if I should be making digital textbooks for the world rather than just my employer. The stuff that so many publishers put out are still very much made for print rather than the medium that so many students around the world are keen to use …

not with tens of thousands of unmade bot visits … but it does result in a slightly faster 10C system for everyone else 🤪


the _getPostsByIDs() function within the Posts class, which was updated yesterday night to remove an unnecessary SQL query from the process. However, in doing so, a couple of little bugs were found in the presentation layer (the Social client). The first one was a lack of active mentions in posts that were just published, and the second was an incorrect mentions list when replying to a post.

Both issues have been resolved.


Podcast applications really need a "repeat" function for those times when you're listening to a really good music podcast …

So far so good. Hopefully this will be the last time I need to look at the darn function.


Just deployed 10Cv5 20D082 which, with any luck, will actually solve some of the issues that have been plaguing the Reply function on Social …

fun! 🙂


Outside with the puppy for her evening walk. The temperature has dropped from 21°C down to 16°C, which isn’t too bad. Feels like we might get a bit of rain, though, which is not at all in the forecast for this week.

Dinner time 👍🏻

Another day of getting things done where I don't know if it's the right things that need to get done. When "everything" is a priority, it can be difficult to identify the real items …