I really like tickling Nozomi. I know exactly where to get her, and it drives her insane. It's the only time she bites me 😂

Sitting on the hill again. Alone. With a podcast.

When in doubt, ask Amazon. If they don't have an ISBN for what you're looking for, then the book was never published …

Just a couple more languages to do with the textbook software and this update will be ready to roll out. Really looking forward to seeing it in action, as it's a pretty substantial update 👍🏼

rain? In the desert? 😮


And, on that note, I need to get the kid some lunch …

you're quite welcome. Do let me know if there's a specific avatar image that you'd like to use. I should have that functionality in place shortly, but I've not yet completed testing …


Welcome to 10C and Nice, 👍🏼

Only 11:20am and the kid is already demanding lunch. Jeez. How can kids be so darn mouthy with a vocabulary of only a few hundred words?