Hmm … 🤔

Office365 issue. Lots of people affected. S'all good, though. My work email is heavily filtered, so the inbox is regularly empty 😬

Dropped the kid's lunch set off at school, bought more coffee, and now on the way back home. Aside from the meetings, it's been a semi-productive day …

My goodness … these meetings are taking forever …

Wow. Issues with Outlook, as well, meaning that managers can't even email anyone about stuff.

Hehehehe … so glad none of this is something I need to deal with.

The management team across the company is losing their mind because Salesforce has been down for a couple of hours, and we've just spent two years and a couple-million dollars to build a "next generation system" that is wholly dependent on it.

Salesforce doesn't have issues very often but, when it does, a lot of managers go berserk …

sounds like a fun thing to watch 🙂

wasn’t there a 99PI episode about this a few years back? 🤔

uh oh. She’ll be asking for the car soon 😬

this is why China can pretty much annex half the Pacific and invade India: governments can’t get their shit together 🙄