Back at the desk for another round of early morning meetings. Today there's one at 6:00am (in 8 minutes), and another at 8:00am …

very cool. Will you be presenting anything while you're there?

11:30pm? Already? Whoops …

Well I'll be a son of a gun. Small world. Was talking to someone in the UK the other day about some stuff related to the day job as we're in the same field and a colleague wanted us to chat about a specific thing.

Turns out we have the same corporate overlords as of a couple of weeks back.

That little detail would have allowed me to be a little more specific about the challenges the company is facing as we move more of our classroom stuff online.

Would really like to get the day job stuff wrapped up soon. Need to attend a 6:00am meeting …

Reason #871 for why I like tracking issues in GitHub: the boss can't go into a database and delete data that makes him look bad … like he does with Redmine on a near daily basis 😑

I need to start adding something like this to my emails at work:

If you notice any mistakes or errors on this website, please email us and we will publish a correction. Please note that corrections will not be accepted unless accompanied by robust, peer-reviewed, scientific data.

Source []

nailed it! 🤪


there’s a full page on homeopathy? 😮

if I could walk around in just underwear every day, I would. That said, nobody would want to see that much of my skin, I think 😑