Thinking about implementing websockets in 10C, which could potentially improve message distribution 🤔

Meeting begins …

My goodness … what a busy evening. Why must every moment of every day be so consumed by things to do?😑

Dinner complete and now walking the puppy. Hopefully she enjoys the air and exercise 🙂

Almost time for dinner … and I'm working too hard again. Need to remember to stop every once in a while …

you're an uninterruptible power supply? 🤔

indeed. Just need to keep up the pace for another couple of years and I might just complete the work … :x

Let's see …

  • provided a status update to a bunch of people
  • gave a little demo of some stuff
  • responded to email
  • picked the kid up from school
  • picked up some supplies from the pharmacy
  • cleaned the kid up
  • fixed a 500 error on a web server

Yeah … productive afternoon. Yet it feels like I haven't accomplished a darn thing 😑

Lunch complete. Now it's time to get an hour of work done before heading out to pick up the kid from school …