This bodes well for the field trip, as it's an outdoor activity 😁


Time to get the boy out of bed. It’s a field trip day for him today 😬

leaving the startup? 😮

I came in at Snow Leopard via VM and my first Mac, a 2011-era MacBook Air in 2014, ran Lion. My technical life changed pretty much overnight.

Sierra broke a bunch of my development environment.

High Sierra broke even more, and had the machines run hotter and slower.

Mojave broke even more of my development environment, but was pretty decent.

Catalina was solid, but it broke a bunch of my development tools.

Big Sur broke even more, making local hosting of MAMP development sites all but impossible, which required the switch to VirtualBox instances that read from host sources for testing.

Monterrey … do I even want to try? 🤔


Speaking of nice weather, I do believe it's time to put the day job away and enjoy a walk around the neighbourhood 😬

I almost never reply. I am not particularly interested in working at someone else's startup unless I know the team or am deeply interested in the objectives…

The sky is remarkably clear tonight. So many stars 😮

Dinner complete. Time to walk the puppy 👍🏻

Another one of these things. Can't go more than two days without something like this hitting the inbox …


A colleague is asking me how I would build a search engine that could rival Google.

Pfft … not going to happen. Doesn't matter how good of a search engine anyone else might create, Google will not be unseated.