hmm … enough for a bed and maybe a dresser 😕

that’s about what I would expect to pay for a 1500ft² house around where I grew up in Canada. Not a crazy price, but not cheap, either.

My goodness, I wish the kid would be quiet when he's awake and not getting into trouble. The non-stop talking is just … painful.

what are the real estate prices like there? Reasonable?

anything from Wacom? Well … aside from the cheapo Bamboo stylus. That’s a bit too barebones. Every other Wacom I’ve used has never disappointed 👍🏻

Quite the busy two hours. Looking forward to getting the kid to bed so that I can rest my ears …

hope it’s a positive one 👍🏻

nestled in the mountains not too far away from home …

A Small Lake

I took a lot of panorama shots today …


For those of you who can read hiragana, this isn't a mistake. Up until about 75 years ago, Japanese was written right-to-left.