Hmm … working on a national holiday because people are creating fake problems and my immediate colleagues are struggling to deal with the lies. WTF is wrong with me? 😑

there were some gems mixed in with the out-of-focus shots, yes 😬

My goodness … I wish I could fire people.

isn’t there a conspiracy or two around 5G bring a tool of “the government” to sterilize the non-wealthy or some such? 🤪


Just what has been waiting for: helloSystem is a FreeBSD Distro Modelled on Mac OS X [] 😬

Oh, jeez. The number of banks and housing companies that are putting ads out offering new houses “for no money down” terrifies me. Have they learned nothing from the US housing crash? 😮

Time to finish my coffee. It's probably long cold now …

or just about every computer made since 2009 😬


a 17" notebook is hardly "portable" 😆

"real" cameras accounted for about 15% of the lenses, I'd say …