hmm … if Preston Manning were to betray the US, Canada might have been annexed 🤔

that’s a good integration. Those will sync across devices 👍🏻

is it a good application?

the Airs do last a pretty long time. They're wonderful little devices. Had my previous Air shipped with a Retina screen, I wouldn't have seen the need to update to a MacBook Pro in 2015 …

Weronika Gęsicka — Nuclear Family

Faith to run when many would pause …

you mean "ordering pizza"? 😆

remember to take a picture 🍻

I'm starting with my favourites before venturing into some of the untried stuff. There are some fruit juice mixers I saw today that come in 355mL cans and cost 3x as much as a premium beer. Might give one of those a try during Golden Week …

Speaking of which, I have three blog posts to write. Two of them for Drinking in Japan … 🤔