family time is also “dinner time”. Now I need to bring the puppy outside for her evening walk. The temperature has finally dropped below 30°C … 😕

not at all. It’s better these issues are known so I can fix them … tonight. I’ve had to put the computer aside as it’s “family time” 🙂

darn these bugs!

Abe Simpson Shaking Fist at Clouds

767 changes in that last update so, naturally, there would be 1 typo …

okay then. It should be fixed now. No need to reload or anything, as it was a bug in a SQL file.


seriously? Whoops …


And there we go. 19F200 [] has been deployed to the live server, bringing:

  • Home timeline
  • Follow/Unfollow Mute/Unmute Block/Unblock Personas
  • fixes to Social CSS files
  • fixes to Social modal appearance
  • fixes to Social dark mode colours
  • new language strings
  • ability to pull a list of all Persona Relations (follow/block/mute list)
  • probably a couple of other things I'm forgetting about …

I know there are a couple of things in here that was looking forward to, and there are hopefully some other fixes in here that can be appreciated by everyone.

Be sure to ⌘+R (or Ctrl+R) your browser to get the latest updates. You will likely also need to reload a timeline (by using the puck to reload a timeline) in order to receive the proper Persona GUID values that have been updated as a result of this release.

As always, let me know if anything isn't quite working correctly or is just plain broken.

that was a very quick trip …

There's always stuff found in testing … which is better than stuff being found after deployment, but still …

I guess the easiest way would be to expire all of the tokens. Then people would need to sign in again, which would ensure a clean refresh of ids 🤔