wonder what kind of passengers penguins are. Would they complain about the food? The lines for the bathroom? The in-flight entertainment? πŸ€”



Time to get the day started …

Sometimes I think my parents send me links to The Guardian just to rile me up. Every time I click a link to the site I think "What are they lying about this time?" πŸ™„

it's not a good feeling at all πŸ˜•


So tired of stuff …

Time to take Nozomi outside. Hopefully the ground has cooled off.

hope the new person is at least as good as your usual hygienist πŸ™‚


as have I. Unfortunately I’m terribly unqualified and unconnected πŸ˜•


Sometimes I think I’m subconsciously choosing to be deaf …

Looking forward to nap time today. Didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night πŸ˜‘