very nice. Any plans for the weekend?

hehehe. There should never be more than a couple of hours of work lost if a code commit isn’t done 🤐

First meeting of the day complete. Just one more in 8.5 hours, then done until May 7th 🍻

So I go to get the boy on the piano for a little bit of play time, but he had a poopy diaper. While getting him changed, Nozomi vomits all over the floor. So I finish cleaning the boy then head over to see how Nozomi is doing, only to find a very watery mess by my work area. I boil some water to clean the mess and the boy hits his head hard on the kitchen table. So I calm him down then get back to Nozomi's mess, get that all cleaned up as best I can, and now … it's time to get lunch ready for the boy.

So much for a little bit of piano time 🤪

yeah, I've noticed that recently as well. Haven't quite worked out why that's doing what it's doing. I find that when the timeline is refreshed, the text appears properly.

I'll aim to have a fix out for this later today. Not sure how much development time I'll have between now and May 8th, but it won't be a whole lot.

are you drinking real coffee, or the canned stuff? 😁

There’s a lot to like about simplicity …

Thunder and heavy rain at 7:30am? Nozomi might not like it, but I welcome the weather 🙂