fortunately we're still allowed to enjoy the parks here. I think the government knows that there's a snowball's chance in hell at policing people. There are 4 officers assigned to this area and 19 parks. 42,000 people live in this part of town.

Not much of a chance of ticketing every offender.


yeah, it's like people are just looking for something to put on TV. For Tokyo it' silly because 17-million people live in the prefecture, but 25-million work in the prefecture. So if 8-million people aren't going into the city, popular/busy places will be empty 🙄

Because of a communication error on my part, people thought this project at the day job was going to be 8 months and they needed it cut in half. When they told me how they calculated, I had to let them know the math was wrong due to that misunderstanding.

My boss was quite relieved …

I feel bad for my colleagues in Australia. Just about every time we have a meeting, they need to tether to their phone to get decent network speeds …

it makes a very clear difference 👍🏼

Thank goodness for SmallPDF [] …

Sometimes I wish there were three of me to work on the things that need to be done … but then I'd probably just argue with myself even more.

A lot of news segments seem to involve reports from helicopters with the camera showing just how empty certain parts of Tokyo and Osaka are.

Yeah, nobody's in the city because everything's shut down. We get it.

Brought the kid for a nice morning bike ride. I managed to get in 4,000 steps. He peddled the whole time, but not on his own. Hopefully this still counts as "exercise" for him … 🤐