Hmm … looking forward to not being part of these morning stand-up calls. Sprints seem to get in the way of work more than anything else …

#004d98 is a nice colour 👍🏻

such is life. Naturally, because he can’t sleep, I’m the bad guy.

Hope he stays at school for the duration of his classes today. He clearly could use the space.

Seems the kid can’t sleep, so I need to wake up 90 minutes earlier than usual … 🥱

oh my … 😮

Calling it a day. G’night world 😴

Late-night call complete. Now … for another glass of water before heading off to bed.

Why must simple things be over-complicated for the sake of being complicated? 😑

Back at the desk for a little bit. The rain isn't nearly as hard as the forecast predicted … again.

Quite exhausted for some reason …