what was the first song you tested the speakers with?


13 more units to go until this textbook is complete.

Really quite hungry for dinner. Not too often I'm this hungry anymore. A lack of exercise has really curbed the appetite …

I've made a bunch of keyboard shortcuts over the years for silly reasons. If I ever want to have something like this ⇢ ಠ_ಠ I can type /glare and the machine will do the work. Interrobangs (‽) I can get with !? 🤐


W00t! I get to use interrobangs in a textbook 👍🏼

sleeping in is nice. Can you do that with so many kids running around?


Such a nice day. Hope the weather stays like this for tomorrow, too. Don't think I can get out for a walk to the hill today …

Things I don’t understand:

We need to move fast on this, so let’s have a meeting on Tuesday.

Today is Thursday …

That was a long meeting …

hope it's a good one 👍🏼