The boy is in a right foul mood this afternoon 🙄

Lunch complete. Almost time to get back to the day job …

Hmm … 🤔

"it works well somewhat"? Would that not mean that it also doesn't work? 🤔


The boy is now at school, which means it’s time to get the day job stuff started. Yesterday saw a bunch of Docker work and today gets to see a bit more. Should be interesting …

First day of December, and it’s a lovely one. May this wasted year quickly come to an end so a better one can begin …

Blue Skies Above

s’all good. A lot of podcasters are reporting smaller download numbers this year. This could lead to a bit of a culling for shows that maybe aren’t that unique from others … like half the geek shows out there 🤐

I’ve not seen that show. Watched maybe half of the first episode when it first came out years and years ago, but that’s about it. 🤐


that’s what you consider radicalized? 😮

either way, I do hope your stress and anxiety will go down soon 😕