Managed to complete just about everything I set out to do today. Absolutely beat, though. Time to watch some Lower Decks before getting some sleep … 🥱

it’s a COVID-era rule so … yes 😑

Facing East:


Exhausted for all the effort today, but  is insisting I walk 7.2km because I “haven’t done anything” today and might break the streak … 🤪

Stayed home all day just to not answer the door because Amazon delivery people don't ring doorbells anymore. It's just a box at the door and an email notification … 🙄

Okay, then. It took almost seven hours, but the boy's room has been completely cleaned with some furniture moved, and the guest room is now actually a guest room, rather than a place for miscellaneous stuff. There are going to be a lot of garbage bags going out on Tuesday …

Well this is lucky: just found an American $100 bill while tossing out some old boxes 👍🏻

Okay. Cleaned the kid's room as well as started getting the guest room organised. Moved lots of furniture and cleared lots of dust in the process. Still more to do, but it's time for some lunch 🤐

such is life. Hopefully it will not happen again in the future …

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning …