Learning quite a bit from Apple's Swift UI videos. Looking forward to using this in a couple of months …

not cool. Go have yourself a cup of coffee in a quiet place ☕


Thunder now rolling overhead 👍🏼

Rain falling from the north. Sun setting to the west …

hope it’s a simple one 🙂


yep. Have chosen a company name and it’ll be part of the product names as well so that people can easily identify related tools.


He’s looking quite happy 🙂

My Father, In His 1957 Chevy Bel Air

There are so many TLDs to choose from now. Almost seems like a branding nightmare 🙄

that’s a heck of a view 😮


this isn’t the issue, though. Anybody can grab a baseball bat and smash every headlight in every car in the neighbourhood. Should a person do that? Of course not.

My statement holds leadership equally accountable for the consideration of the ethical use of raw intelligence. The things created and released for use are rarely done in isolation, particularly in a commercial enterprise. Somebody who is not a mathematician or developer either said “make X possible” or “I love X! Let’s deploy it!”

If the creators are always accountable, then we should hold the teens at McDonald’s accountable for the long-term effects of eating their food. It’s the exact same absurdity in a slightly different context.