if it was serious, I wouldn't have time to use 10C …


A colleague in Colombia sent a message asking me for 3 things.

For each of the 3 things, I had no idea what he was talking about because the request was so vague that all I could do was ask a question back … for each item.

Specificity is important …

… and Nozomi is snoring up a storm 🙄

Thinking hard about asking the day job about something … crazy.

So bashtop looks fantastic [haydenjames.io]. Will have to give this a go to see if it’s better than glances 🤔

nothing serious. He cried pretty loud and wanted a hug. I don’t grab medicine unless there’s no recourse. I don’t want him to grow up like his aunt1 who can’t go 20 minutes with a pill or injection or complaint about some imaginary condition.

  1. My step-sister Sarah was right screwed up by her mum who convinced her that there was always something wrong. Did she sneeze because she’s in a dusty room? WRONG! That’s pneumonia! Maybe influenza! Off to the emergency room! Now! NOW!!! MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! ALL T3H CAPS ARE BELONG TO HER!!!!! 🙄


Back at the desk for a short little bit. Will probably head out for a walk in the rain so long as it's not too bad out there at 10:30 …

The kid managed to hit his head pretty hard tonight. So many tears. So many decibels. 🙄

Hmm … 🤔

Just for fun, I created a new API response status at the day job to be returned when unattended systems keep pinging deprecated endpoints: disavowed

Wonder how many months or years will pass before someone spots it …