will you order one of their limited-edition notebooks? 😬


that's an interesting service. Sort of a combination between Evernote and Postach.io … 🤔


Back on Strike Watch for the morning. Hope it's not too busy …

It’s been a while since I could post a panorama shot. Currently 4°C in the sun. Lots of kids making their way to school and being noisy about the temperature. Of course the loudest ones are wearing shorts.

I remember being young and foolish. Now I can no longer claim to be young 🥶


Monday has arrived 🥶

hope you don’t have to watch it the whole time 😬


that link doesn’t work. Only reference I could find that was semi-connected was this paper from 8 years ago [dl.acm.org] 🤔


there was a lot of scanning of the journals with OCR to get the text out. What I was saying is that the journals are not simply uploaded as images. They’re available for the family to see if they wish, but it’s the text and photos that make up the indexed and searchable entries 🤐


Whoops. That took a lot longer to write than I had expected …

The kid is in bed, which means I get to try and write a blog post …