that’s … too much time off 🀐

can't complain, really. Need to mail off some tax forms today so they can be applied to the year-end statement. Should take about $1500 off the total paid to the government this year … which is probably something the government doesn't want to not receive …

don't forget about coffee 😬

you say this like it's a bad thing 😬

Have been quite busy this morning, but not with the things that I was hoping to be busy with. Oh well …

not a fan of the website? 😬

ah, gotcha. In that case, it seems like a half-solution. Will be interesting to see what they do with the platform going forward, though πŸ‘πŸ»

Once again I have forgotten to sign in at work … and I've been at the desk for two hours πŸ™„

their demo included a picture …

it takes the image but, if you have a paid account, it'll do OCR on the image so that it can be searched and indexed. The content of the note is stored as metadata.