The mind is starting to throb … time for a break. A walk with the Mrs. might be what the doctor ordered, too :)

Managed to get quite a bit done today on this project … but it's still taking too long! Just asked the boss for a better computer … -_-

"Consumer Electronic Shop" or "Consumer Electronics Shop". Where would you buy a washing machine?

Alright … shower's been had. Coffee's been drunk. Garbage is out. It's time to get back to programming!

No wind. No rain. No damage. This part of Gifu managed to survive the night without problem. No horror stories here :o #typhoon18

The Mrs. is having us ready for a possible evacuation now that 1,500 families in Mie Prefecture are asked to move to safe shelter #typhoon18

house is shakin' like a M1.5 quake, and the storm isn't even here, yet :o

What the deuce? None of my Tweets came through? WTF? Where did they go?

Speaking of which, managed to get quite a bit done on this project in just an hour … no more XML errors while parsing for datasets! Yay!

alrighty … time to head off to 可児川 for another round of English! With only two students attending, I hope there will be 100% attendance :P