Today is the last day I can say "I'm in my 20s" :P

Is there one project manager in my company that takes their project seriously? Can I be transferred there instead? siGh

New fish n' chips shop opening up around the corner from work! I'm feeling the urge to get down and British at lunchtime :P

Why are the simplest things consistently the hardest things to accomplish at work? Seriously … a web developer should have web access!!!

Trying to have a Skype meeting with people in Tokyo while crouching outside of a neighbouring office … this is terrible!

Just finished the first stage of yet another project for work. The big difference with this one is my Napoleonistic purposes …

Just solved a little bit of a hiccup with VS2005 and SQL CE databases … as usual, the MSDN site was no help at all.

Chibi Maruko is on! Yay!

The sky is a perfect blue, and I can't get a song by the Fugees out of my head … it must be Sunday!

kk … time for sleep. Night all.