The more I look into Twitter's API, the more surprised I am with its simplicity. It's a shame other online services tend to be more complex.

gah … didn't format that link properly … oh well

Just updated my site to get rid of some annoying CSS hiccups. Tomorrow I'll import all of my Tweets to pages for indexing. Yay!

gah … can't make a bootable USB stick with Windows 7 on WinXP without updating the UDF driver! Not fair ;_;

How long can the media honestly dedicate half of a hour-long news show to Sakai Noriko? Considering the lack of new info,isnt this too much?

Uh oh … can't find the Twitter plugin I want for WordPress. I guess that means I need to make one :/

What is the best WordPress plugin to pull in all of my Tweets and show them on a page? Not a single page, of course, but like a gallery ….

Just upgraded my blogs to WP 2.8.4, and now it takes 15% longer to load the pages. Yay for upgrades! Is WP the new Office?

The weather in Nagoya reminds me an awful lot of Vancouver. It's a nice reprieve from the usual stifling humidity. :)

Stomach feels really weird. Don't know if I want to vomit or not. Not a great way to start the day -_-