WiMAX is in Nagoya! Oh, yes. And for 4,480円, why go with any of the competition? :P

wow … Evony crap-ads are still all over the web. Wonder what kind of click rate they're seeing …

Reruns of ビフォーアフター are on BS Channel 5 right now, and a 2-hour special will be on later tonight! This is a pretty decent rennovation show :)

siGh Once again a typo has been part of a RT … oh well. Maybe this is a sign that my keyboard is too small?

Dammit! I hate how my timeline misses other people's Tweets. I see the start and the end of the conversation, but no middle :/

Time for lunch with the in-laws. I wonder what kind of food this new restaurant offers …

Now that 30% of all files on my NAS are in Japanese, I'm struggling with the concept of feng shui. Anyone think kanji file names look messy?

Where is the best place to buy a decent monitor around Nagoya/Gifu? Sofmap? Eiden? Dell? Looking for a good WSXGA+ 22v (1680x1050)

Twitter: The Ultimate Ready-Fire-Aim Form of Expression!

Ugh, spelling errors on Twitter are t3h l0s3. I hate typing "now" when I want to type "not". Perhaps it's time to slow down, read, send. -_-