Gone for only 12 hours, and Twitter's been more active in that time than the last 2 days … is Twitter just a "weekday thing"?

watching a bad movie on Ch.6 featuring Xzibit and a few other rappers. It's so bad, but I can't stop watching! Need … to … pimp … ride

To 64-bit or not to 64-bit … is it finally time to make the switch?

What will you use your 12,000円 stimulus stipend for? I'm going to マクドナルド for 120 Fillet o'Fish sandwiches!!!

Ah … I should have mentioned that commenters can leave their Twitter IDs on my site when leaving a comment … that would make more sense.

Just updated my site to start taking Twitter ID's along with web addresses. Why didn't I think of doing this sooner?

I have been an absolute fool for not taking advantage of LinkedIn long ago….

Just got back from an 犬キサ (a dog cafe) with the Mrs. Wasn't what she was expecting, but she had a good time anyway :)

Didn't get out of the door in time, so it looks like we've missed the planetarium show …

Alright … time for bed. Night all.