If anyone in Japan just heard someone swear a lot, that was me. This SMF forum software is not being nice >:/

Why is it that my brain can absorb and learn a new computer language in 48-hrs with minimal effort, but Japanese requires 300% more effort??

My language studies have hit a wall … it's harder than heck to remember more than one or two new Japanese words a day

왜 모두 한국어 입력이 오늘인가요?

Oh, noes! ちびまるこ is over! Hmm … I hope the Mrs. wasn't expecting to get married to an "adult" :P

Yay! ちびまるこ is on for a full hour today!

Jeez … the Mrs. and I just decided to head off to Tsutaya because the rain had let up … and now it's raining so hard I need an ark!

Just watched God of War with the Mrs. Thought it was pretty decent, but it's not quite something the Mrs. wanted to see.

Okay … problem solved. Thank you SourceSafe!

Just realized that I made a huge mistake with a Find/Replace on my PHP code … instead of replacing on one file, I replaced on all! Whoops!