Going to Shin Kani with the Mrs. Can't wait to take lots of pictures and enjoy the beautiful weather :)

time to get yet more work done … who said today was a national holiday?

Just finished importing all of my contacts into Thunderbird. You'd think it would be relatively straightforward from Outlook…

Home after a (relatively) quick day in Nagoya. Now it's time to get back to some website development!

Over 200 tweets have happened since going to bed. How do people keep up with all of their tweets when following 100s or 1000s of people?

another day coming to a close … lots accomplished, though :)

Alright … programming work is done for today. Time to switch back to "teacher mode" …

wow … five hours have passed already? I guess it's time to get ready for some afternoon lessons.

Finally getting somewhere with this SMF customization. Now that I have a few hours experience, it's not such a bad platform :)

I've been having some mad traffic problems with Yahoo!BB … it's darn near unusable!