there are a couple of "Classic Computer" clubs in the UK where people take out their old Amigas and BBC Micros and put them to use 😬

Creating more work for myself … for a good cause 👍🏻


I wonder why some people continue to blame computers for things that are nobody else's fault.

I entered all this data on Saturday!

Well … looking at the system records, not only was this data not recorded on Saturday, but you haven't signed in since 2019. Given the system is used by thousands of people every day and nobody else is reporting this sort of issue, clearly one of two possibilities must be true:

  1. you signed into someone else's account, accidentally or otherwise, and recorded the data to their lists
  2. your statement is inaccurate

This is one of the many reasons I really like working with databases.

Sometimes I wonder if software will ever be considered as timeless as music, with people pulling out old applications and using them for the sheer joy of the moment.

Well … I guess I used to do this with games like Doom II as a result of nostalgia. Not sure I would want to put Windows 3.11 or OS/2 Warp on a machine and use it "for fun", though … 🤔

Time for coffee. I'd offer one to everyone here, but something tells me that it would be cold and/or spilled by the time you receive it … 😫

Went to the local home centre to get some fertiliser for the grass, which is getting pretty thin in spots. Not 5 minutes after getting home, a neighbour comes out to tell me in no uncertain terms that the next time I need to buy heavy stuff, I should ask for a ride.

It was just 5kg of fertiliser for a 5-minute walk. Hardly a trial of endurance. However, the neighbour insisted.

Given how I really dislike imposing requests, I'll just make a mental note to carry heavy stuff home when he's out for the day 🤣

Those darned Yankees. Judge knocked a run in. I can certainly see why this is a team that many people detest 🤣

Bottom of the 9th, and Aaron Hicks ties it up. My goodness, what a hit 👍🏻

Interesting that there's a playing of "God Bless America" during a Yankee's game 7th inning stretch. You won't see that sort of patriotism in Canada or Japan. It's frowned upon …