Back in Nagoya. Hot, hot, hot! The weather is so much nicer in Kakamigahara today. Oh well, time to get to the office -_-

Alright, time to get ready for work. Late start and late finish today :/

Wow. Only 23C outside this morning with 30% humidity. Beautiful day in Central Japan. Hope it keeps up :)

Alright … I need to find (or make) a Twitter client that doesn't display tweets from anyone that uses a client called "API" … damn spam!

Blog spam is on the rise. August shows the highest month of spammage since April's incredible 92% drop. Anyone else seeing the same thing?

I really, really dislike how GoDaddy's domain manager doesn't support Opera. Loading IE just to do simple stuff is so … Windows95 -_-

It seems I tweet too much. Unfortunately, shutting up is the hardest thing to do ;)

Spaz seems to be missing some tweets. I'm not seeing the last messages from some people, making replies look weird :/

Umm … considering how tight those athletic outfits are, is it really okay for the camera crews to zoom right in on high school athletes?

Question: Is it okay to import and display someone else's Tweets on your site if it's a reply or something you replied to?