still mentally exhausted … going on to week #3 of fatigue … hello Japanese work style! I hate being at the bottom of the ladder.

Back for another day at work, but today has a lot more potential :)

I have a lot of love for O&O products, but is something like DiskImage even useful anymore? How many people seriously image multi-TB drives?

man … so exhausted. I don't know how some people can balance working with interwebs in Japan

my wife makes the best food … I don't know how I'm supposed to remain thin!

Another day, another Yen. Except today I'm optimistic about solving some complex business problems :)

Just had the funnest kids lesson ever … kinda makes me wish I had some myself :P

Missed the first train this morning. What a terrible way to start the week. Oh well … there's always another one 25 minutes later…

Just finished writing the first of two software proposals … nine pages of booorrrrriiiinnnngggggg … I doubt anyone will even read it -_-

Oh, sweet … Tweet # 400!!! I guess this means it's time to start using Twitter a little more seriously :P