Hmm … need to find a way to put WHS on the web just a teeny bit more. I'd love to access some data at home from work …

Singin' in the office: "Your thumb and forefinger's supposed to show you're not a wild beast …" #CrashTestDummies

Listening to some old school Crash Test Dummies … lots of fun memories

ah, it has done that for years. Perfect. It'll replace Transmission when the Ubuntu server is eventually shut down. 11.9TB left to go!

Does uTorrent monitor directories for new .torrent files to add to the transfer? Need to find a new client to run on the server …

Why do people who represent the "voice of WordPress" insist on making mountains out of mole hills? Commercial Plugins are NOT evil … jeez!

Looks like my new boss may have gotten an earful for forwarding my email to other dept's without thinking. Good for him! :)

Good mornin' all! Today's challenge (when not working) will be to get around SoftBank's stupid Yahoo!BB port blocks to remote desktop my WHS

alright … time for sleep. The servers are happily dragging another 1.3 TB across the wire … my work is done for now. おやすみなさい

He asked for a report on something, I wrote the professional report and left a P.S. regarding something… he just forwarded the whole thing