GoDaddy sucks. Have I mentioined before how much GoDaddy sucks? I tell you, they're servers are going to make me turn gray! #GoDaddyFail

If your employer gave you a computer with a pirated OS, would you be offended? Would you report it to your boss or to IT? :/

'"#$%'"#$!!! Stupid Java updates! Why do I need to lose 10 minuts of productivity because you insist on restarting my darn computer?

Hmm … to develop with Azure I can't use WinXP, and VS2008 needs to run as Admin in order to do any debugging? This should be fun … :/

Alright … now that Tuesday's here, it's time to get some work done. Can't wait to see what's accomplished by 4 pm today :D

The best thing about オムライス is that it's for lunch. The next best thing is that I get to eat it :D

The number of Tweets over the last few days seems to have dropped. Has anyone else noticed the same thing? Wonder if it's just a fall thing.

back from doing groceries. Just heard back from some users in Korea and China, the company's new software is working like a charm on Win7 :D

I'm not understanding the Mrs. today … she's changing her mind every 20 minutes, it seems. Alas … no study 'till later :o

today's going to be a long day full of study … not looking forward to the headache that'll develop by noon :/