One down … eight to go. Lookin' forward to tomorrow when the Mrs. and I go on our first date of the year :)

What's an acceptable amount of time to wait for a response from someone at work before pestering them with a follow-up email?

It takes a really long time to disconnect a drive in Windows Home Server …

iPad or HP Slate? One I can easily develop software for, the other is completely alien but potentially more lucrative. Decisions, decisions!

Sometimes I look at the amount of time that goes by between Tweets and wonder just how many hours I actually work in a day … the pay sucks

Time to head off to 可児川 for an odd Friday evening class. Let's see if everyone shows up on time today :P

Hmm … it seems that today's frustration level is stronger than whatever pill the doctors prescribed. This is kinda cool … in a scary way

Done! The server at home has finally finished transferring all of the data across the network. No more 100mbit server … Gigabit time! :D

Oh Shi-! I've pissed away most of the day working on an Excel sheet for the boss, now I have no time to do my real work today! FAWK!!!

Heavy rain has just started in this part of 岐阜県, and it'll likely turn to snow in the next hour or so. On that note, time for sleep. おやすみなさい