Sitting at 新鵜沼駅 and wondering why my PDA doesn't have the right kanji for 鵜沼駅 …

So it seems that #$%&"ing MidPhase has once again suspended my site without %&'"'"ing telling me what the problem is. They're done.

Just sent my wife the longest message I've ever typed on a cell phone and, aside from one sentance, it was all in Japanese!

It must be getting close to Golden Week. Lots of tourists in town. The stares they afford foreigners are quite peculiar, too…

I often have Offspring's "Bad Habit" in my head whenever walking more than 20 meters in populated places. Does this mean I'm impatient?

Thunderous footsteps,

in a cavernous mall.

Thousands are marching,

or eating at stalls.

I'm looking for a Pokken,

gotta catch 'em all.

I wonder why SoftBank adamantly refuses to let customers install apps on the Omnia. When did functiomality become a bad thing?

Walking through the pedestrian rush hour that is Nagoya Station. Despite doing this for two years I am still surprised by the lack of brawls

The Impossible Metric: I don't care how many tweets I've made. I want to know how many have been read.

How many is too many? I send over 100 SMS's to my wife every month!