Just watched Tinkerbell with the Mrs. Unlike most Disney movies, it wasn't full of song and dance. I think the Mrs. was disappointed :o

What's interesting is that Hatoyama is pushing through the Child Allowance. Who will pay for it? The prefectures. Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Cool … the Japanese government is broke, so they've just drafted the largest budget in the country's history. They're learning from Obama.

Watching women's wrestling is … scary. These athletes seem to all be mothers, too. Hope they show restraint when diciplining their kids :P

What the heck … why does a "Pay as you go" cell phone allow YouTube? Oh, right … because a $50 prepaid card would last about 50 seconds.

Ah, this one is classic: someone posted their homework assignment on Guru.com and are asking others to do it for $50. Looks like fun, but no

Anybody else read the Guru.com project notifications and think "Don't these people ever Google for Open Source solutions?" 90% already exist

Contract is coming up on the apartment soon, so the Mrs. and I are checking out new places; ones that accept dogs. Has it been 2yrs already?

Yay! There is now coffee in the house. I'm not a nice guy when there's no coffee in the house :/

Just spent the last hour putting together reports that aren't due until next year. That said, I'm now done all computer work until February!