So my site is down … yet again. Trying to get access back, but it seems that it's a no-go this weekend. siGh

Is it just me,or are most "English teachers" in Japan a little too proud of their youthful escapades in jail? The new recruits are hooligans

Another busy day… I'd love to program again

starting to get things back together on my server … still waiting on an email from the admins, though. Still, finally getting things done

Putting together yet another project idea. I need to find a way to give up sleep to get them all done…

Looks like my MidPhase account was hacked through a friend's older WordPress installation … not cool.

Heh … even their "Talk Forums" have vanished ( ). Have they gone out of business? Good thing I have backups!

MidPhase is evading the phone, "Live Chat", email, and ticket updates, but the trouble blog shows everything A-OK … this is 24/7 service??

Just finished playing an hour's worth of Doom II … I wonder if my wife truly understands just what kind of murderer she married :P

I never should have sold my old web server … anyone know of a decent host that will answer an email within an hour, regardless of time?