Just realized that I made a huge mistake with a Find/Replace on my PHP code … instead of replacing on one file, I replaced on all! Whoops!

今すごい雨です。 I hope that the Tokyo Marathon isn't rained out …

Alright … time for sleep. Night all.

Just watched Pride & Prejudice with the Mrs. Suffice to say, the movie was admirably superb. If you haven't seen it, it's worth the rental $

What is this "Wilhelm can scream" thing, and how come I never noticed it in the settings before?

What the deuce … my Spaz just spazzed out on that last post … either that, or it always makes that noise and my speakers are just muted.

I cannot believe how difficult it was to modify this one simple thing in SMF to display how I needed it to display … now it's back MySQL!!

Another Saturday is upon us, yet it's not a busy day … scary :/

Visual Studio update sitting at "0 seconds remaining" … it's been like this for 10 minutes.

Why is it that service packs for Visual Studio require an hour to install?