writing a cover letter for a possible position with the competition … I wonder what might come of this :o

If so many people are reporting serious technical problems with Twitter, why are we still using it?

The Mrs. woke me up today to say that I should work for a different company. Then she points to a job listing: it's my direct competitor! :P

What's the going rate for an extended battery for Acer's D150 AspireOne netbooks? Would 10,000円 be a ballpark figure?

Going to try the new 0.3 stable release of #RoundCube. I've been using a heavily modified 0.1b for what seems like years … :P

sooooo tired … hopefully the JR crews will be working somewhere else tonight

Finally! Finished this software proposal in between doing real work! Well … it was real work, too, but it wasn't "scheduled" -_-

Man … this software proposal is already at 9 pages, and I haven't even started writing the "good stuff" … it's so dry, it won't be read.

Why is it that I'm expected to know about changes discussed at a Tokyo meeting I was never invited to? Oh right, I'm supposed to know it all

so it seems that the Regional Sales Manager here wants my head on a platter because nobody told me about the revised email procedures … :/