Can't wait to visit Kyoto tomorrow. Getting really tired of doing all these reports in Excel ….

Despite the sunny skies, there's a lot of rain in 扶桑 (Fuso). Now I can't get that old song out of my head …

so early … but time to work

my Ubuntu server just died after a software update … had to do some fancy footwork in the bash to get stuff working again

Missed the train home … hope I can get enough work done while waiting -_-

It seems that many of the hotspots I once enjoyed in town are no longer connected to the internet. I can still see printers, though…

How do you tell a manager that the final reports he had developed for advanced language students are replete with grammatical errors?

Why is it that I can develop software in Visual Studio 2005 on an Atom-based netbook without much problem, but Excel chokes on simple stuff?

Need to find some focus … I should really stop trying to work from home … it just doesn't work for me.

To the idiot that sent spam using my domains as a return address: you had better hope I never travel to Tajikistan, as I will hunt you down.