all set up now. I’ve had four years of weak WiFi, so am hoping this resolves the issue …

setting up a mesh WiFi network 🙄

Why must simple things always be so difficult? 🤔

Quite a bit of wind outside. The forecasted thunderstorm is nowhere to be seen, though. Blue skies and 30˚C at the moment …

pretty much, yes. Top line is family name in katakana. Bottom line is ward, section, number.


There we go. Core feature added to the work project just in time for it to be presented on Monday to the exec team. Will need to do a bit of work and prep tomorrow to ensure things go relatively smoothly, but so far this system is looking pretty darn effective 👍🏻

it's standard fare for many Japanese homes. It was thrown in as a bonus with the house purchase 🤐

oh my. Well, it's good that you and the Mrs are making a recovery, as dealing with three ill kids is a bit much for one parent 🤐

excellent news! How about the rest of the family?

hope the interview goes well 👍🏻