and, of course, the better parts from the previous projects will be rolled into the new one. Not tossing away the good stuff 😬

that was built on a package called journals, which uses Midori Core v6. The plan was to split the blogging aspect off to be 10C and the social aspects to be Nice. A clear delineation between the projects.

However, this made less sense as I started working on the code. The differences between the two were marginal and splitting meant duplicating work when it came time for security fixes to the core elements of the platform.

So, rather than be silly about things, 10Cv6 will continue to keep the different posts types in the same database, with the API differentiating things based on how people request the data, just as it does now. The v6 engine will be more efficient, though, and address a number of the core issues in v5 that are not easily resolved. This includes post drafts, location mapping, file management, and things like that. The v5 system was a definite improvement over v4 in many areas, and a step backwards in a few. Hopefully v6 will resolve these problems and give people something a heck of a lot better as a result 👍🏻

Also, v5 is four years old. It’s time for a proper update 😉

Today I discovered that Jordan Peterson has a short documentary series out. I wanted to watch it and discovered that it’s part of The Daily Wire, which is something Ben Shapiro has been building for a couple of years. I didn’t realize that Dr. Peterson had become part of that network, though it’s pretty recent.

I’m order to watch the documentary, I needed to join Daily Wire and buy a subscription. Did that. Then I could watch the show, Dragons, Monsters, and Men.

Glad I did. It’s very well produced and I really like listening to what he has to say, though I’ve heard him say it — or read it — many times over the last few years. People may balk or laugh, but his words have encouraged me to evolve, to try new things, and to work seriously at being a better human being. I still make mistakes, but I’m a heck of a lot less frustrated with myself today than last year or the year before. Still more to do, of course.

This week I will face at least three dragons. I will do it standing straight with my shoulders back. I will speak the truth. I will listen carefully to what ”the dragons” have to say. By Thursday, I will have overcome these three obstacles and have a better picture of the next round of challenges.

And then I will get to work slaying those dragons, too.

hope there isn’t a bruise to go along with that headache 😕

Okay, then. Time to make some dinner and watch some smart people talk about things so that I may be less stupid afterwards …

Sweet. Very first post to v6 has been successfully recorded. This API is much better at managing posts than anything I've written in the past, which has made the coding a bit more complicated. That said, it will make writing much easier for people using the system 👍🏻

because "Google and Facebook are stealing content! Wah! Wah! Wah!"

Also, by subsidising the press, the Canadian government can compel the news organisations to obey. There have been numerous instances where companies have had their subsidy money revoked because there were too critical of Trudeau during the COVID scam.

Listening to some classic U2 … which is weird to say because they're not nearly as old as Mozart 🤪

your fingers are certainly much stronger than mine … 🤐

oh my. Have some water nearby just in case …