Well here's a very real problem with online lessons:

The crisis of the day turned out to be an error in an Excel sheet that someone made that reported the wrong Zoom URL for each class. The URLs were uploaded into the LMS for Instructors to sign into for their lessons starting at 7:00am. Around 8:30 — the time that management generally starts getting to work — it seemed that every lesson that day had a no-show from every student and the phones were ringing.

Took some people about 15 minutes to realise what happened and begin working on fixing the issue. However, with hundreds of lessons starting every half hour across the country, it was a game of whack-a-mole. We simply do not have the tools to deal with this sort of situation.

So … now I get to think of some possible solutions and pitch them to the business. The only saving grace here is that it wasn't my code that fudged up. I don't do Excel macro work (anymore) 🤪