I asked for my dog. Not the money we had saved up for years. Not any of the material possessions that we accumulated. My dog; an animal that she barely paid attention to. That I could not even be granted this one thing despite all I have done over the last 15 years speaks volumes.

Fuck them. I have long since lost my fear of death, for I know where I will go in the afterlife. Regardless of what I might do in the future, my eternity will be spent in Hell, for I am evil. Not fearing this means that I can, without fear, stand in front of a bullet train and financially ruin that family forever.

Hanging myself comes with zero financial burden.

Standing in front of a local or express train will cost roughly $100K in fees.

Standing in front of a Shinkansen, Japan's glorious bullet trains … that'll sink the family. They'll be in debt to the Japanese government until my kid dies of old age.