Kids make it hard to drink coffee while it’s hot …

nice. Hope they’re not too sweet 😬

Time to grab some lunch. The kid wants to have bread from a nearby bakery, and that’s fine by me 👍🏻

Might be time for another cup of coffee …

Nozomi is feeling quite energetic today despite the weather. Hopefully the yard is dry enough for her to be outside around lunchtime 🙂

Hmm … seems the typhoon rains will be finished in an hour. That’s a full 12 hours sooner than forecasted last night 🤔

hope it’s not an encouragement to run out and buy donuts 😆

it’s a fast-rising coin that I picked up a little too late to subsidize the losses in XRP and BTC. Fortunately I’m not working with a big amount of money. If I lose it all, then I’ll be annoyed. That’s about it 🤐

I think about running for public office in Canada far too often. WTH would I even do there? People aren’t allowed to question progressive ideology. I would be cancelled within seconds after my plane lands.

Despite this, I think about it …