eight would mean waking up with a sore back. I'd rather sleep less and not feel my age 🤐


seven is a decent number for Sunday 👍🏻


loved watching that back in the day 🙂


any more busy days planned for this coming week?


Neighbourhood gossip is that the neighbour behind my house intentionally ODed on his prescription medicine yesterday. He was in his mid-90s.

indeed! Soon we will be complaining about pollen, mosquitoes, and kids playing — what they consider — "music" far too loud 😉


Five hours of solid sleep obtained. Ready to take on the day 👍🏻

anyone can write code 😬


sounds like a busy day 😮


How do people not know anything about the internals of their computer when they write questions on support forums with handles like "ProHacker" and "GodMode"? I mean … if you don't know the difference between NVMe, SSD, and HDD, then you're not a hacker. You're a hack.