A lot of Canadian podcasts are bending over backwards trying to be “more inclusive” and it’s resulting in an awful lot of unlistenable content. Just because someone professes to be “different” does not mean they’re any good at what they’re doing 😑

I certainly hope so 👍🏻


Dinner complete. Now on to some dishes. Quite the productive day 👍🏻

Has anyone seen that new animated film that Apple is promoting everywhere?

Whoops. Almost 7:00pm. Time to make some dinner, I think 👍🏻

One of the nice things about walking to the grocery store without the weights around my ankles and wrists is that I feel so darned light 👍🏻

And, on that note, it's time to take a break from this stuff and walk over to the grocery store for a handful of carrots. They're becoming rather important …

Well, it only took about 10 years, but I can actually see a use for Redis in one of my projects, now. Generally it's been unnecessary because of how the API is designed to minimise SQL queries by default. However, if this LMS project will require more than two web servers, then it would make more sense to have them share a Redis store than to self-cache semi-static results 🤔

Such a lovely day … and I'm sitting in front of a keyboard 🤔