some of the people I was hoping to see present were called away for other, more important things. All in all, it went okay … but it could have been better had I spent a bit more time testing 🤐

that’s quite a bit of tapping 🤐

45 minutes until the demo …

I thought the Minis were easy to get into …

Getting some gentle snowfall this morning. Shame it won’t stick around for long. Currently -1°C in the park 👍🏻


yeah, it’s a memory hog. Anything less than 4GB will struggle with more than three simultaneous devices 🤐

nice. Responsiveness is important 👍🏻

I remember staying up all night when I was 16 and 17 to work on jOS, my own operating system. But that was at a time when 30 minutes on a bus to school was "more than enough time for a full-night's sleep". This will be my 43rd trip around the sun this year, and staying up all night requires a reason that is far more important than "writing code" 😑

plus sleep. Can't forget that part …

But I doubt it's going to happen. I can push myself pretty hard when needs be, but this HR project – while interesting – is not something that I am willing to stake my sanity on 🤪

Hmm … 11:30pm and there's still about 50 hours of work I'd like to put in before this demo is delivered in … 12 hours 🤪