This humidity is just silly …

Nap obtained 👍🏻

My goodness. The heat today has just wiped me out 🥱

Poorly Drawn Lines — Fresh Start

I still am cool with that 🍸👍🏻

not cool. Because no decision has been reached? Or something else?

a loaf of bread is in the oven every three days. Running out of dry yeast is not an option …

Hey, there’s an 囲碁 club here! 😮

Just passed by a coffee shop that offers “oriental espresso”.

Isn't every espresso here an “oriental” espresso? 🤔

I’ve had 18 computers since 1994. Only five have been new purchases:

  • a Toshiba Satellite in 1999
  • an Acer netbook in 2008
  • a MacBook Air in 2014
  • a work-supplied Lenovo W541 in 2016
  • a work-supplied MacBook Pro in 2019

Aside from that, I’ve bought good used devices because I work with text, not games 😬

my first new computer was a Toshiba laptop back in 1999; a Pentium 266MHz with 32MB RAM, a 750MB HDD, and a dual-scan colour screen. It remains one of the few computers I’ve had that had not been used by someone else before I took possession 😬