it's frustrating when trying to communicate with some people. I often wonder if it's my own inability to communicate effectively, or if people genuinely have no understanding of what others use computers for. I know that I struggle to grasp how everyone uses their digital hardware at the best of times …

One of the nice things about getting the mobile Lenovo up on 21.04 is that this is a prime excuse to format the thing and just start over. Last time I did this was with 19.04, which was the version of Ubuntu Desktop that got me using the default desktop again. Before that I was using Ubuntu MATE for … some years.

Just about done getting some Hirsuite Hippo on the Lenovo X1 Carbon. Will need to set up some ZFS replication on the machine at some point …

Facial hair is weird. The stuff under my nose and on my chin takes a week to hit 2mm in length. The stuff on every other part of my face and neck grows like a dandelion in spring … 🤐

This just happened at the day job:

Person: … and that's why we lock the PDFs. Nobody can copy, print, or modify them if they're locked.
Me: Umm … that's accurate but incomplete.
Person: What do you mean?
Me: Anybody can unlock a PDF in seconds. They don't even need to know the password.
Person: That's impossible. Our passwords are all unique, and they're really long.
Me: Regardless, you do not need to know the password to unlock a PDF.
Person: Prove it.
Me: {Shares Screen … opens browser … open … choose unlock … upload PDF … download unlocked PDF … open file and begin editing to show that, yes, it's unlocked}
Person: That goes against the terms of service.
Me: Are you …. Really? Are you really suggesting that someone will choose friction over quietly breaching a terms of service agreement they likely never read in the first place?
Person: Yes.
Me: Okay, then. We have nothing further to discuss, because the rest of this meeting is moot. Nobody does anything that you don't expect ever, and I'm clearly over-engineering solutions to problems that don't exist.
Person: Again.
Me: … good day.

I wish I could live in Lah-Lah-Land, too. Life would be so much simpler.

Really wish my Samba server had a faster network adapter. 12.9MB/sec caps are fine 99% of the time, but it's that 1% of the time when I'm trying to move 30GB of data quickly that it gets in the way … 🤐


Well this is annoying. On Murasaki if I hit the reply arrow for a post while typing a reply, the darn thing resets and I lose the words I've already written.

Need to put some awareness checking into that code …

remember when blogs started getting "serious" about advertising revenue and started using "partial" RSS feeds? Same thing is about to happen with podcasts because, unlike Spotify, Apple will let people set their own prices.

UI refreshes, kernel updates, speed optimisations, better support for ZFS out of the box, cleaner default fonts …

just about everything will wind up in the garbage at some point. My main gripe is with how quickly some things get there. Believe it or not, clothes pins were the trigger for the recent decision. Clothes pins should not break after being outside for one rainfall. If the plastic can't get wet without deteriorating, then maybe it was a shitty choice to use that specific polymer when making a clasp that keeps wet articles of clothing on a darn line.

We get what we pay for, yes. These clothes pins were not cheap dollar-store items, though. My money doesn't deteriorate and vanish from the seller's bank account on it's own accord a week after sale, and I expect the same for the non-edible stuff I buy.

Alas …