Lunchtime, I think …

Yeah … that's a great marketing team you have, Salesforce. Everything is an image? Are you that desperate for tracking data that you can't even include your message as alt text? Jeez … 🙄


that is certainly a convenience that a lot of people would appreciate 🤔

was reading about it on IMDB. Looks like a good story. Will add it to the watch list 👍🏻

a movie of two humans in a world full of Vulcans? 🤔

one could argue that we have all inherited a big inheritance in the form of the Earth …

However, in my case I'm just really happy that my locks have been changed, the upstairs rooms are cleaned up and organised, the coffee is plentiful, and Friday is pay day. Very grateful of the good that has come as a result of the split, despite the cost of losing my son and Nozomi.

This week is certainly starting off incredibly well 👍🏻

Was listening to Roger Sanchez’s Release Yourself podcast when I heard some Vanessa Mae and thought: “This isn’t house music …”

… followed promptly by putting one of her albums on. It’s been years since I’ve listened to her music 🤐

Facing East:


Monday morning 🥱