The last two weeks have been quite the roller coaster, with a remarkable amount of change, stress, and relaxation taking place almost simultaneously. Being an introspective sort of person, I have been thinking about some of the patterns that have changed over this past fortnight, and some of the realisations have surprised me … while also not surprising me.

The Headaches are Gone

One of the most noticeable changes is that I no longer have headaches. This could be the result of an increase in daily exercise, but I strongly believe this is because I'm not burying thoughts or emotions anymore. Prior to the split up, I would usually consume two headache pills on Thursday and Friday, then anywhere between four and seven on weekends. Long weekends would naturally stack up to involve more pills in addition to some Chinese medicine, namely 葛根湯加川芎辛夷1 and 抑肝散加陳皮半夏2. These two, taken together and chased down with a cup of coffee, would allow me to maintain some semblance of normalcy on weekends and other days off. I would rarely get upset after taking this concoction, and would generally appear "fine" … though I did make sure to think two or three times before saying anything out loud, as that was just better for everyone if I did.

The Laughter is Back

There was a time many years ago when I could laugh until my sides hurt. That stopped being possible at some point around 2015, as any laughter was often met with anger, and all laughter generally ceased last year after something I found funny on TV turned into three days of "the silent treatment" because it apparently wasn't funny to anyone else. However, I am now able to laugh out loud. Not only can I laugh out loud, but I do so many times a day at all sorts of absurdities.

Because, seriously: life is bloody absurd at times.

The Waistline is Shrinking

Maybe this is just the result of more exercise and laughing, but my jeans are starting to slip down my hips while walking. This is despite the larger portions of food that I've been consuming at home in order to not waste the perishable items in the fridge and pantry.

Other People's Problems Aren't Mine

No explanation is needed here. My problems are mine. Other people's problems are not mine. The world is no longer on my shoulders as a result.

No Complaints

Not only do I have far fewer complaints to listen to, but I have far fewer to state. Yes, I miss my kid and dog. Yes, I miss the barely-constrained chaos that is a house with a 5 year-old. However, the incredible lack of complaints that I have had to listen to has resulted in an incredible change of attitude and likely contributed to the laughter, the shrinking waistline, and absence of headaches.

The Neighbours are Quiet

There are a lot of retired people in the vicinity and, as one would expect, many of them love to gossip. At one time I was privy to some of the conversations that were going on with regards to one household or another. However, now it seems that people are not really talking to me about others, which means that this household is the new topic of discussion. This doesn't bother me, though, as people are expected to talk. When someone asks a question, I keep the answer civilised, though I know there are people who really want to dig deeper.

There have been a number of other things I've observed about my current life that is markedly different from before, but these six I think are the most noticeable. Interestingly, there isn't one negative item in the list.

  1. カッコントウカセンキュウシンイ – pronounced kakkontoukasenkyoushinei

  2. よくかんさんかちんぴはんげ – pronounced yokukansankachinpihange