I Create

A lot of thought has gone into my career direction since the daily blogging came to a sudden stop. It is no secret that I've become restless with the monotony of the daily grind. Every day is more of what yesterday had to offer with very little to offer in the way of challenge. There are plenty of complex problems that require simple solutions, which one could argue is a task worthy of an undivided focus. Yet these things do not offer me the trial by fire that I seek. Like an endlessly fickle fool, I want more.

More what is less easy to define. Like almost everyone else I would like more time, more energy, and more coffee. But regardless of how much we might have, these are luxuries we soon take for granted until a stray thought reminds us yet again that we are probably not using our finite resources in an effective manner.

Instead, I'm looking for something that has a steep learning curve with a massive reward at the end; the reward being the successful completion of the thing and, if fortune favours this fool, an indication of what to do next.

Perhaps I ask too much from life.