Seven Hundred Episodes

Paul van Dyk has recently put out his 700th episode of his Vonyc Sessions show and, as with the 699 episodes that came before, it's an enjoyable compilation of uplifting house and trance music. Earlier today, while out walking with the headphones on, I was trying to remember when I started listening to these shows. Oddly enough, the memory escapes me.

The first time I remember listening to something from Paul van Dyk was in Vancouver while playing Need for Speed: Underground 2, racing a souped up Mazda MX-5 around the track. This would have been somewhere around 2004 or 2005 when I had the time to spend an entire afternoon playing video games. Nothing But You was on the soundtrack and it was just an excellent piece of music to enjoy while driving well above the speed limit down crowded highways while racing the clock. A little while later I bought his Reflections album and have been hooked ever since.

The Vonyc Sessions radio program, however, has not always been available as a podcast. Initially this was made available as a 30-minute sampler on iTunes for $5 every month, and I picked up every album as they came out until they suddenly stopped during the summer of 2010. A quick search online let me know that the iTunes releases were dropped in favour of a 30-minute weekly podcast. Not only could I listen to new shows more often, but I could listen to them for free! Who could argue with a deal like this?

Over time the show expanded to be an hour long every week with special episodes every so often that could be two, three, or four hours in length. As time went on and he released new albums, I'd pick them up on or very close to release day not only because I wanted to support his efforts, but because his music has a genuinely positive feel to it that (almost) always brings a smile to my face no matter how hard the day might be.

It's not often that a subscription to a music podcast exceeds three years for me but I've yet to unsubscribe from Vonyc Sessions in the decade that it's been online. Hopefully it keeps going until the day that Paul chooses to hang up the headphones one last time.