Still a Pretty Penny

Every day the morning news programs interrupt their soft journalism with semi-serious updates on anything and everything related to the coronavirus situation. There's always news of more patients, more quarantines, more market problems, and more challenges as people scramble to deal with an invisible enemy as best they can. One of the more common stories that these news programs like to focus on is how much trouble the tourism industry is in, as people choose to stay home rather than risk contracting the Chinese virus. Hotels are offering discount rates. Restaurants are offering free (non-alcoholic) drinks. Smaller companies are also offering discounts or special deals in an attempt to drum up enough revenue to float for a month or two while the global contagion runs its course. One group that is heavily dependent on people travelling long distances doesn't seem to have changed their prices, though: airlines.

Two years ago today I was flying from Tokyo to New York to attend a week of meetings at corporate HQ. Non-essential travel has been cancelled at the day job but, if I did have to buy a ticket to the other side of the planet, how much would it cost?

Tokyo (NRT) to New York (JFK)

Seems the price hasn't changed at all since the last time I went.