Feeling Disconnected

PThe Safari browser on both the phone and tablet have been limited to a handful of sites over the last few weeks, down from the dozen that would be visited on a daily basis beforehand. There was a time not too long ago when regular visits to popular news and technology sites were something I looked forward to but, as I examine the messages contained in the articles, there has been a growing disconnect between how events take place and how they’re reported. For twenty years I’ve kept abreast of numerous topics in order to be informed enough of something to make better decisions in the present and future. Occasionally there would be a break for a week or two in order to recenter myself, as an overdose of news can leave a person feeling terribly depressed, but I’ve always gone back for more.

Not anymore, though. The effort to extract truth from spin has become so great that it would be better to be clueless than to invest time reading three or more articles on the same topic to reach a general understanding of what probably took place and what that means for me, my family, my community, and the world at large.

What is means in the grand scheme of things is that there will be more books read going forward, and probably a branching out to read academic papers on subjects. There’s still plenty of bias and preconceived notions to sift through with these mediums, but the long-form expression of the ideas generally mean a better-written argument or explanation. Both of these are welcome changes of pace to the endless he-said-she-said and you-wouldn’t-believe-what-so-and-so-said articles that permeate so many journalistic enterprises. Hopefully the change will also encourage a bit of a change in my mental state, as it’s been really hard to shake the mental confines of this slight depression I’ve been battling since late last year. There are always ups and downs, but too many downs will invariably lead to trouble.

Of course, the lack of news does make me feel isolated and disconnected more so than usual. It is as though the world is moving on without me while I putter around in an increasingly tiny1 microcosm. So long as this feeling passes in the near future there shouldn’t be a relapse to reading multiple news sites a day. Besides, the point of reading is to learn something useful. News sites rarely offer anything that can be classified as such.

  1. Can something tiny be emphasized with a word like increasingly? Perhaps it would be better to say “ever-smaller”