A Good Day

Perspective is an interesting thing. Today a number of mildly frustrating things took place. First off, the spring in Nozomi's retractable leash snapped, rendering the handy little device more a hazard than a tool. The boy continues to ignore 99% of what I say, which makes just about every interaction with him less-than-ideal and, if that wasn't enough, he managed to punch me in the eye rather hard after dinner, leaving an uncool bruise in his wake. Being three, he was also far too exhausted after school and far too energetic after dinner, meaning there was a lot of screaming, tears, and runny noses to deal with for several hours. Yet, despite any exasperation or irritation some of these situations may have caused, I would say that today has been a good day.

Quite a bit of work was done on a client project1 and the weather was nice enough after lunch that a quick walk through the park could be enjoyed while catching up on a philosophical podcast. Although a couple of emails from the day job hit the personal Inbox, these were automated messages from servers and not something triggered by a person. At no time did I feel the itch to check work messages, nor did I even consider it. When it came time to pick up the boy from kindergarten, I met him at the gate and he seemed happy to see me. Dinner was good. Nozomi was a model puppy. Reiko and I managed to do what we needed to do without ever feeling rushed.

This last point is what generally made the day so enjoyable, I feel. At no point was I racing against the clock, or holding for the bathroom until the bladder was at breaking point just because there was "one more thing" that needed to be done ASAP. The tasks that were accomplished, and the fun that was had, was at a natural pace.

Hopefully the rest of the week will follow a similar pattern.

Tomorrow there is some snow in the forecast and I'll need to head out in the morning to pay this quarter's property taxes to the city. So long as I time it just right, it might be possible to walk in the snow while out to pay taxes. There's little chance for the frozen precipitation to accumulate very much, given the relative warmth of the ground, but just being out in the winter-like conditions will bring a smile to my face. One of the many things that I miss about eastern Canada, and Southern Ontario in particular, is the ridiculous amount of snow that falls between January and March. There's just so much of it and people hate it almost instantly for all the car accidents, shovelling, frozen toes, slushy roads, chilling wind, and overabundance of hassle … but I miss it quite often.

So, while the snow in this part of Japan will never compare to the winter storms I remember from my youth in Canada, I'll take what little accumulation I can get and smile the whole time.

Today was a good day, and I see no reason why tomorrow can't be just as lovely.

  1. I know, I know. There's just one client remaining, as they've made it clear that they only want me working on their stuff. This is probably because of our decade of history and my stupid-cheap rates.