Fifty-Three Weeks Later

Back in the early days of February 2019 I had the good fortune to take a week off work after working exceptionally hard for months on end. Today I get to start another week away from work, albeit under slightly worse conditions. In 2018 and 2019 I was battling exhaustion, stress, and anxiety when the time came around to unplug for a while. This year it's all the same, but in greater quantities and with far more visible anger. Disconnecting will be good … for everyone's sake.

During last year's break it was possible to work on a number of features related to 10C, culminating in a semi-functional version of the Anri blogging theme. There have been a number of refinements since then and a few more to come, but the key thing I plan on completing this break is a bit more of a challenge. Over the years it's been possible to learn a great deal about digital book delivery, writing tools, and how they might compliment each other. To that end, I've been sketching out some ideas to put these two functions together to solve a relatively recent problem I've encountered that is related to journalling. This is still early days of the idea but, when I think it through, it could prove to be quite the useful tool.

Over the next few days I'll outline more on the feature, why it's being built, and what I hope to accomplish with it going forward. Looking around online, there's no other site offering what I'm trying to do. This means that the problem is either more complex than I anticipate, or that few people have ever seen the need for it. Knowing my history with ideas, it's probably a combination of both.