A blinking cursor. Ten minutes of thought. A handful of sentences on the page.

Nope. Not good enough. ⌘+A … Delete.

A blinking cursor. A little more thought. Two paragraphs that seem to say nothing at all.

Nope. This won't do, either. ⌘+A … Delete.

More thinking while the cursor blinks. A persistent reminder of the passage of time and the approach of yet another sunrise. There are ideas that are vague and without form. These are perceived to be important concepts, interesting notions, and worthwhile ventures. Why is it so hard to articulate into words that which we can envision in our minds?

The blinking cursor insists on moving horizontally across the screen, like a character from an 80's era video game. This can only be done by formulating words that convey meaning, otherwise the game is being cheated. Hammering the keyboard like an enraged monkey will not lead to cromulent sentences being placed in cohesive paragraphs that convey a message worthy of being read.

⌘+A … Delete.

Most people are their own worst critic. We know we can do better when we sit down and really apply ourselves, but so rarely push the envelope when it matters. Why is this? Are we afraid of something? Is it success? This is something that terrifies me from time to time. Success leads to expectations. Nobody lives up to expectations all the time. There's bound to be disappointment in the near future.

⌘+A … Delete.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

As much as it wanted, of course.

⌘+A … Delete.

Sometimes it's better to leave visual ideas in the language they're presented in. If an idea cannot be easily expressed in words, then perhaps some sketches could convey the meanings. This is something that needs to be done in the next couple of days. There's plenty of graph paper available, and the trusty three pens are just as ready with full ink cartridges. I'll draw what's on my mind and share those. People might not fully see what it is, but getting it on paper will let me see what it is … what it could be … what it might entail. But it must be sketched while the images are still fresh in the mind. Too many ideas have been lost as a result of weak neurones not putting all of the ideas from the short-term memory into longer-term memory. Good ideas are hard to come by and it would be a shame to lose this one.

Sketch. Sketch another page. Sketch the relation between the UI elements. How does the journal aspect interact with the book? How does a person compare translations of the passages? How will this look on a phone, tablet, and large-screen? Sketch. Sketch. Sketch some more.

⌘ … S.