Not Done Yet

To Do lists are wonderful little tools that can help even the most disorganised person accomplish something in a period of time. For me I have several dedicated to specific tasks, most of which are quite analog in nature. However, one of the more annoying ways I have to remind myself that a task is not yet done is to leave it open on a monitor. This way, when I sit at the desk, I can see without a doubt the thing that needs completing.

Unfortunately, this practice has had to come to an end today. Not because of a reboot or anything mundane like that, but because I simply cannot stand looking at all the half-finished work that had to be set aside as a result of ever-shifting priorities over the last couple of weeks … months … years. In the next couple of weeks I'll have the opportunity to take some time off from the day job and complete some of these open To Dos. Until then, I would much rather not see them.