Cabin Fever

For much of the past year I have felt an almost persistent feeling of restlessness and irritability while trying to work. Given that frustration generally comes with the job, this wasn't really surprising. However, one thing that I've tried to understand is why these feelings have persisted for so long. It's illogical given the fact that I get to work from home in close proximity to my family and dog, which are both good things … most of the time. What could possibly be so awful that I need to feel almost claustrophobic while sitting in front of a computer?

Turns out it might be a sign of cabin fever.

When the weather is relatively nice1 and when I'm not overwhelmed with a mountain of expectations from colleagues, I like to head out for a walk around the neighbourhood. If there's enough time, I'll even make the trek to my preferred hill in the park to sit and enjoy some time with nature while listening to a podcast. During the recent Christmas and New Year holiday, I was fortunate enough to do this five or six times over the span of ten days. Unfortunately, it's been almost impossible since the new year.

The next few weeks will be quite busy at the day job but, when the signs of spring begin to make themselves known, I plan on taking advantage of the slightly warmer weather. There's a pretty big window next to my desk, which lets in plenty of sunlight, but this isn't the same as being outside in the open air, walking at a brisk pace, and enjoying the sights. Until then, the irritability and restlessness needs to be kept under wraps.

  1. By "relatively nice", all I ask is that it's not raining. I really, really dislike umbrellas. They were created for one purpose, and they accomplish it terribly.