While it may not seem like it, a pretty severe case of writer's block has made the daily effort to create a new post incredibly difficult. Various methods learned over the years has made it possible for me to continue putting something out every day, such as falling back on the running topics list that I generally update whenever incomplete inspiration strikes, but every article has required a great deal more effort than the one published before it. When I reached for the topic list tonight a couple of ideas seemed like safe bets. Unfortunately, none of them made it past the first paragraph.

Fortunately this one has.

There are a plethora of ways to overcome a creative drought. Some people use music. Others might reach for some alcohol or a narcotic. A few might even head outside for a walk. Any one of these might help a person generate just enough creativity to accomplish their goal. What I've found is that more than any of these possible solutions, sleep is the necessary element for creativity. Without a good amount of sleep every night there is just no way a person can maintain any creative endeavour.

We need our sleep. Otherwise, bad things begin to happen.