Warm Weather

Back in February people in this part of Japan enjoyed the start of springtime temperatures two months ahead of schedule. A lot of people were concerned that something was different this year1, and the relatively cool summer temperatures didn't to much to dissuade the worry. Today, just before the last week of November, the thermometer hit 24˚C in the neighbourhood and 22˚C at the official weather station some 12km west of here. The weather was so nice that by 9:30am I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt while washing the car outside.

Today's Temperatures

Tomorrow's weather is expected to look much the same as today, too.

Tomorrow's Forecast

This evening Nozomi and I noticed that the nearby park was buzzing with insect life during our evening walk. The late blast of warm air has encouraged some of the hardier bugs to come out and sing for an audience of mammals, but I wonder if they'll survive the night. Temperatures around here generally drop to about 5˚C after midnight in November, and there aren't many sources of heat to counteract the chill. Will the area birds have a feast of frozen grasshoppers waiting for them in the morning?

If the weather continues to be this erratic going forward, then we're going to see local food prices rise quite a bit as neither fruits nor vegetables will enjoy the variability.

  1. I'm one of the concerned people, too.