Weekend Getaways

For the last couple of weekends the family and I have been taking advantage of the cooler temperatures to see more of the country. First we went to Kyoto, then to Tokyo, followed by Inuyama, and today Kuwana1. Each of these cities is in a different prefecture, and each one was an excellent opportunity for photos. Tomorrow, if the weather and the family is up for it, we might just hit another city in another prefecture a couple of hours north from here.

While travelling across the country with a curious almost-three-year-old can be a bit difficult at times, I'm quite happy that we're venturing outside the typical areas. There's a lot of wonderful things to see and much of it will look better when it's experienced through the eyes of a child. These short trips are also an excellent opportunity to occupy the mind with something that is most certainly not related to work, which is a gift unto itself.

There is little hope of the boy remembering the bulk of what he experiences just yet, but I really hope that he's enjoying himself while out and about. He's still innocent enough that we could take him to the neighbourhood parks and he would be happy, which is certainly a blessing in itself. When we take him to distant places we're hoping to push him out of his comfort zone just a bit so that he can continue to develop and appreciate that there's more to the world than what surrounds our neighbourhood.

With any luck, if we do this often enough, he might just be able to fly halfway around the globe in a handful of years to meet my side of the family. Ninety minutes on a train followed by 13 hours on a plane then two hours in a car is rough for anyone. It can be downright unbearable to someone not accustomed to travel, though, which would spill over to make everyone else's trip just as miserable.

  1. I guess this post could be classified as the Kuwana post, though there isn't anything specifically about the botanical garden we visited.