On the Daily?

At least one blog post has been written and published on this site for almost 400 consecutive days now and I'm not exactly sure why. A majority of the writing goals that I had tried to reach were all surpassed by a wide margin and there doesn't seem to be much of value being written given that this is a personal blog site with topics that are wide-ranging and often incoherently discussed. Yet, despite having long since met the ultimate goal of writing a post every day for a year, I continue to strive for a daily blog post. Having given the subject some thought, I believe the reason boils down to a couple of things:

  1. blogging is an escape from "day job" stuff while sitting at a computer
  2. blogging is a different form of creativity that can have a very low bar for quality

Both of these are quite important at the moment as a lot of what I do for work has a very low tolerance for errors and generally consists of deadline after deadline with a myriad of random "high priority" tasks that get thrown in randomly for a little bit of variety. I generally write when I have a few minutes to spare or immediately after the evening shower as it's a good way to wind down and relax some muscles. The pressure I feel is typically a self-inflicted punishment to compensate for all the good that has come about in the last few years. Unfortunately, this can result in some very stiff shoulders, a lack of concentration, and a whole bunch of irritability. Nothing good. Writing is a temporary antidote.

A few years ago, shortly before the boy was born, I was sticking to a "No blue light an hour before bedtime" rule. Both the notebook and the phone would be put away for the night, generally around 11:00pm, and I'd take out my trio of pens and a paper notebook to write. It didn't matter what I wrote, so long as it was pen to paper for about an hour. During this time, I'd pen letters to family, write long essays that would later become blog posts or guest posts on various sites and forums, or simply jot down incomplete ideas that were in search of form and structure. It was an interesting activity and, because I wasn't looking at a back-lit screen before sleeping, every morning was met with a good bit of positive energy. This is something I should look at doing again … even if it's just temporarily.