Convergent Objectives

Why is it that when a truly important deadline is set at work, several other tasks and projects are expected to finish at the exact same time? This is the question I've asked a lot recently as, for the last couple of weeks, three projects that I'm working on have had an absolute due date of November 1st. In the last 12 hours, two more projects have also been assigned this same date and there's a good chance that one more will be added to the list before I have my first coffee of the day tomorrow. The degree and frequency of convergent objectives is nothing short of astounding at times.

It might be time to put up the white flag on a couple of less-urgent matters and ask for some assistance. The output will not be quite what I'm looking for in terms of consistency or polish, but there's little hope that I can effectively complete half a dozen complex tasks that each require a careful attention to detail.