Home Before the Rain

In a stroke of remarkably good timing, Typhoon 20 arrived half an hour after we returned home from our trip to Disney. This capped off an already enjoyable trip as a storm is generally more enjoyable when you do not need to traverse through it. Hopefully the country will not see any repeats of what happened last weekend when Typhoon 19 ravaged several dozen coastal cities and inundated rivers inland. As for the theme park … it was packed.

The Queue for Ticket Holders

There’s no denying that I’m not generally found at theme parks on my days off so may not experience various sorts of problems that such places might encounter, but the fact that the Disney theme parks had to stop ticket sales around noon on both days that we were there surprised me. There’s not one park in the country, but two. DisneyLand was the first one built and has a capacity rivalling a good-sized city, and DisneySea is the newer one with a similarly impressive limit of 60,000 people. That 120,000 people could get to the park in the first four hours of its operation on a regular working Monday is nothing short of astounding, but it can probably be explained by the national holiday tomorrow to mark the new emperor’s enthronement ceremony. Crowding is to be expected wherever you go in Japan, but this was really something else to contend with. Fortunately the boy was never out of sight for more than 5 seconds1, as he would be hard to spot it a sea of people.

At this point there are no plans for any other trips to faraway places this year, though Reiko is thinking about where to go next. With any luck, it’ll be somewhere that none of us have been to, as this would be an excellent opportunity to explore more of the country. Hopefully by the time we take our next trip, the boy will be a little better at travelling for a couple of hours at a time. He gets better with every outing, but there’s still a lot of room to grow.

  1. At one point he was in my blind spot, close to my left side and hidden under a trio of jackets I was carrying. That was not a fun 5 seconds.