Navigating Crowds

The family and I embarked on quite the journey today, travelling from the relative peace and quiet of the suburbs of Nagoya to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo DisneySea, which just happened to have a capacity crowd in attendance. Reiko and I lived just outside of Tokyo 9 years ago up until the 3/11 earthquake, but I clearly wasn’t in the nation’s capital long enough to get accustomed to rarely walking with a proper stride length. The pedestrian traffic in and around Tokyo very much reminds me of rush hour traffic in Toronto for all the stop-and-go, narrow collision misses, and oblivious passers by. I can do it so long as I have headphones on, no wheeled luggage, and am responsible only for myself, but it becomes a challenge when carrying a VW Beetle’s worth1 of luggage and supplies for a 36-hour trip. That said, weaving through a crowd of a thousand people while carrying a toddler on your shoulders, two backpacks on the torso, and a pulling a suitcase alongside is an excellent way to train for a sport that really should be at the Olympic level: the train transfer sprint.

Waiting For The Show

All in all, the day has actually been quite nice. The sun broke free of the clouds a few hours after our arrival, ushering in the occasional blue sky despite the oncoming typhoon2 and the temperature hovered around 25°C until just after sunset. Lunch consisted of okonomiyaki and yakisoba. The boy never lost his temper during the day. We managed to get a number of really nice family photos. Heck, we even got to watch the fireworks display from the comfort of our hotel room after leaving the park. One couldn’t really ask for more. Tomorrow we’ll spend the morning at the other park, Tokyo DisneyLand before leaving for the trains home just after lunch.

The last time Reiko and I were at DisneySea, we had so much fun that we picked up Nozomi from the pet shop the very next day. I wonder if we’ll do something just as life-changing tomorrow ….

  1. This is a slight exaggeration, of course. But only a slight one.

  2. This next typhoon is just a tiny one that should make landfall the day after we return home.