Chaos on a Blank Page

When people are presented with a blank page and asked to write whatever they'd like to share there will be a small percentage capable of doing so almost instantly while the vast majority will struggle to get started. Our ability to be creative on demand is limited and people's general ability to face a blank page and turn it into something with structure and purpose is even more finite.

One of the ideas that I've tried to put to words is an evolving concept of chaos and order. A blank page is chaos. A page with content, no matter how trivial, has a degree of order. The way I approach a blank page for blogging is almost the same way I approach software development. We are presented with an unformed canvas that can be transformed in a near-infinite number of ways. How do we start? How do we structure? How do we know we've finished? The chaos that we see in the form of a blank page, be it physical or digital, can be seen as untapped potential.

This is how I look at it, anyway. Chaos is potential, while order is what we derived from that potential. A chaotic blog post might not ever see the light of day in its current form, but there's still the potential to refine the idea further, imbibing order on the work so that others might read and understand. A chaotic application might never compile, but there is still the potential to work out the issues and impose a minimal amount of order to see the code in action. This balance can be seen with just about everything and it's often up to us to create something good from the potential before us.

Putting this in a blog post, however, has proven to be quite difficult. The concepts can run quite deep, which would make for a rather long essay that could very well need a bit of research and references. I have no qualms with writing an article that hits five or six thousand words in length, but the piece has to be cohesive and coherent.

Perhaps it would be better to just keep it simple, then.

Chaos = Potential.
Order = Realisation1.

These four words do not do the concept justice, though. At some point I'll sketch out a mind map, draw from reference material, and compose an article that better articulates the notion in a manner befitting its meaning.

  1. The achievement of something desired or anticipated.