Earlier today I had written a rather long article on introspection and how a two-year self-analysis in the mid-2000s helped guide me to where I am today. After some consideration, though, this isn't something I believe can be shared at this time. There wasn't anything embarrassing written, nor was there anything that would shock people. Rather, it struck me as stepping over the "Too Much Information" line. Perhaps at some point in the future, when I can write more eloquently on the topic, something can be shared with the world.

Introspection is an interesting process. It can reveal some hard truths as well as new areas of strength. Every so often I dedicate some time to just disconnect from the world, sit down, and think. The most common question is Why? and is generally followed up with a How? or two. The overarching goal of the introspection is to have a better understanding of why I do what I do and what might be improved or leveraged going forward.

Over the last six months I've come to a number of conclusions about my current self. There are things I need to learn, things I need to unlearn, and things I need to think a great deal more about. One unexpected turn of events is that I've made the decision to return to organized religion and there are other changes on the horizon as well. For most of my life I've tried to find purpose in the wrong places. It's high time I start to think more clearly.